5 Mil SP Farm Toon Cyber 5 GGood Shield Skills

(sidex smol) #1

Hi i am for sale


SP farm toon with Cyber 5

6 Bil B’O

All CCP rules apply

(Biz Wiz) #2

EDIT: Offer withdrawn.

(sidex smol) #3

sorry to low for me atm id sell it for 5.5 right now but otherwise im off to bed and gonna see what happens overnight

(Achilles Myrmidon) #4

bump of the day

(Soulis Sectar) #5

5.2b B/O

(Vakond) #6

wrong toon

(sidex smol) #7

i accept the 5.2 bil b/o send account info and isk and i will start the transfer

(sidex smol) #8

still waiting on the buyer, so at this point im open to taking bids for this toon again

(Soulis Sectar) #9

@sidex_smol my apologies for the delay will message the toon now. and send isk

(sidex smol) #10

i am online now and ready

(Soulis Sectar) #11

Isk Sent and Account Info Evemailed

(sidex smol) #12

isk recieved and charactar transgered

(system) #13

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