5 Mil SP Farm Toon Cyber 5 GGood Shield Skills

Hi i am for sale


SP farm toon with Cyber 5

6 Bil B’O

All CCP rules apply

EDIT: Offer withdrawn.

sorry to low for me atm id sell it for 5.5 right now but otherwise im off to bed and gonna see what happens overnight

bump of the day

5.2b B/O

wrong toon

i accept the 5.2 bil b/o send account info and isk and i will start the transfer

still waiting on the buyer, so at this point im open to taking bids for this toon again

@sidex_smol my apologies for the delay will message the toon now. and send isk

i am online now and ready

Isk Sent and Account Info Evemailed

isk recieved and charactar transgered

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