WTS - 2008 - 5mil SP Farm Toon w/ +5 implants

(Cpt Rach3l) #1

Selling off some of my farm toons. This one has +5s with gunnery implants with a lot of implanted skills

Pass: 1234

I will pay xfer fees with CC/PayPal

Bidding will end at 7pm tomorrow night (Friday) EST

Starting bid 3 bill

6 bill b/o

(Giulica Mandr) #2

Offer 3.5 bil

(Giulica Mandr) #3

Also please confirm she is for sale

(Cpt Rach3l) #4

I’m for sale

(Giulica Mandr) #5

Going on holiday in about 5h, for a week, will offer you 4.5 bil for this guy, if you accept before that, will log in and send isk and detail.

(Cpt Rach3l) #6

I’ll take 5 bill b/o. Lowest I’ll go on this one

(Giulica Mandr) #7

Ok 5 bil Isk and transfer details will be sent in game in next 5 minutes.

(Giulica Mandr) #8

Isk and transfer details sent ingame. please start the transfer procedures. Pleasure doing business with you, fly safe, or not :slight_smile:

(Cpt Rach3l) #9

Transfer Character

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Cpt Rach3l

Will be completed after: 2/15/2019 1:28:11 PM

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