【SOLD】WTS 53M 4strategic Cruiser Vargur Naglfar

Character Sheet

Wallet balance

No Kill Right

Position in NPC Corpration

Positive Sec status

Opening Bid : 42b

42 B offer ISK ready

Thank your bid. Waiting…

@Limited_Liability Here is the new topic. You can bid in here.

44 B ISK offer. Can send now if you’re willing to accept.

Thank you for bid, would you willing 45B? I can transformer now.

Okay, 45 B bid. Will send ISK and account details shortly

okay, thank you. pls give me transformer account name. And reciver chara name is kamching.

As per rules, I will send ISK and account name to NInghai Kanjus.
You should transfer the ISK you got from me to your character kamching and then transfer NInghai Kanjus to me. Are we clear?

okay, I get it. sorry. pls send.

Sent ISK and account name. Please confirm the transfer after you’re done. Thank you.

14 Jul 2023 10:09

Transfer Character

Payment Method

okay, it’s done. isk reciever and transformer is start.

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Thank you. Have a nice day and fly safe.

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