SOLD-WTS 57m SP Cruiser/T3/Links Pilot with Implants

I am selling myself to the highest bidder. 86 Password: qwerty

~57m SP perfect T3 cruiser pilot, Links, and more. Full HG Amulet set in head with mindlink. Please see Eveskillboard for complete details.

Positive wallet, no killrights, bonus remaps available, located in Jita, no jump clones, no assets, NPC corp, seller pays transfer fee, following all rules, etc.

Starting bid: 45b ISK. No reserve.


Thank you for your bid. That is the minimal extraction value, I’m looking for more for this great pilot.

Thank you. :wink: I think there is quite a bit of value in this pilot, still looking for more.

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

43 bil

Thank you. Still looking for more.

I can pair your starting bid: 45b, isks ready now, if not, the gl with your sale

I think I can accept 45b. Send the ISK, I will start the transfer once received.

On my way

Isks and account game sent

Character transfer initiated. Thank you for a smooth transaction.

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