SOLD - WTS: 5M SP Character (in a C13 WR wormhole)

5M Skill Points, focused on missiles/rockets/caldari ships:

Note: Character is currently a scanning seed in a C13 Wolf-Rayet wormhole, in space. I can suicide him to his home station, Ammold V - AIR Laboratories, if you prefer.

Other info:

2021 Birthday
NPC Corp: Republic Military School [RMS]
13 Million Isk in Wallet
0.0 Security Status
0 Kills
0 Losses
0 Kill Rights
0 Jump Clones
2 Attribute Bonus Remaps Available
16 Skins:

  • Deathglow: Corax, Drake
  • Halycyon: Condor, Dominix, Flycatcher, Hawk, Kestrel, ONI, Probe, Talwar, Vengeance, VFI
  • Semiotique Sports: Corax
  • Strikefight Red: Skybreaker
  • Versus Blueforce: Hookbill
  • Versus Redforce: Cyclone Fleet Issue

3.5b i bid

Wrong thread sorry.

was lookin for more.

bumpity bump

i can bid 4bil

4.5bil and we have a deal

okay i lose lets deal

Great. I can do the transfer now or anytime today once you send the isk.

isk sent. Check and start the process plz

isk received. The transfer request was successfully submitted to the id you emailed me in-game. tks for the smooth transaction. o7 have fun in that c13.

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