[SOLD] WTS 6.5M SP Miner Starter

Character Sheet

A good foundation for a miner, can sit in a Hulk. Born in 2013 with no history, standings, or sec status to speak of. Remap available now with 2 bonus remaps.

  • Positive wallet balance
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones
  • Located in Jita trade hub

7B B/O


5 bill offer for it right now bud

Thank you for the offer but its a bit too low for me. I’m fairly confident I can get the buyout given enough time. I know how hard it is to find specialized miner base characters given I had to train one up myself.

no worries

6b as b/o valid for 1 hour

If you can do 6.5b I would accept otherwise I’m going to hold out at least a few more days.

6.5b offer, can transfer when I get back from work in a couple hrs

I accept your offer. Let me know when you send the isk and the account info so I can begin the transfer.

Thank you, will be back in approx 3hrs.

ISK and account information sent

Transfer initiated, enjoy your new character.