SOLD_WTS 62m perfect Moros/Naglfar/Hubris/Valravn pilot

NPC Corporation from today.
Positive wallet balance. At the time of the pilot transfer, there will be 10m isk left on the balance sheet
No kill rights
Security status 1.4
Located in Amarr 1.0 space
50500 EverMarks
11000 unallocates skill points
the pilot is untrained and fully ready for transfer
All CCP Rules are adhered to


A little bit about what the pilot was trained for.
For a quick boost, there’s a clone with a set of +5 implants
And also 2 clones of HG Amulet and HG Nirvana with very expensive accompanying implants.

Pilot perfectly mastered the skills for dreadnoughts.
The skill set also includes everything for Nyx and Thanatos
Also the pilot has the whole set of skills for titan class Erebus, as well as some exciting skins for him =)

Starting bid - 57 bil
B/o - 68 bil

68 b/o

b/o accepted. Please name the account to which the transfer should be made. You can send isk

Isk and mail sent.

Isk and mail accepted. Thanks!

The process of transferring the pilot to the account you specified has begun

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Pilot transfer complete