(SOLD) WTS 6m SP character

(Franklin Dimon) #1

(Pilot Sold)

(Yeba) #2

This post is to confirm that this character is up for sale.

(Franklin Dimon) #6

Character remains for sale.

(Fuarran) #7

4,5B BO

(Franklin Dimon) #8

Thank you for your offer but I can afford to wait for a few more days.

Character remains for sale.

(Franklin Dimon) #9

Character remains for sale.

(Caldari Navy Hookbill) #10

I can do 5b for the next few hours.

(Druiderra) #11

5.5 BO only today

(Franklin Dimon) #12

Accepted. Ready to receive isk and details for character transfer in an in-game mail.

(Franklin Dimon) #13

Due to non-communication from the buyer, Yeba is now back for sale. 5.5bn b/o will be instantly accepted.

(Amarr Red Alpha) #14

5.5b b/o

Edit: I’ll be away from my desk for 4hours or so, if you post to confirm I’ll send the isk and account info once I get back.

(Franklin Dimon) #15


(Amarr Red Alpha) #16

Isk and account info sent to Yeba

(Amarr Red Alpha) #17

Still no response from the GM ticket?

(Franklin Dimon) #18

Indeed. I’m a bit surprised it’s taking so long. Will update you as soon as I get a response from a GM.

(Amarr Red Alpha) #19

Looks like it’s all gone through okay. Thanks!

(Franklin Dimon) #20

Pleasure doing business with you friend :slight_smile:

(system) #21

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