[SOLD] WTS 72M SP Carrier & Logistics Pilot

Character Skillboard - 72m SP, positive killboard, short corp history.

  • Amarr & Gallente Carriers + Supercarriers
  • Great FAX Pilot
  • Sub-cap Ships: Logistics Cruisers & Recon Ships
  • Positive ISK Balance
  • Character Located In Jita 4-4

Comment with any questions or concerns.

Starting Price: 50B

This price is firm and lower bids will not be accepted, this is a great price for a very competent carrier and logistics pilot, which can be made to a great supercarrier pilot with minimal extra training.

50B offer

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Accepted. Once ISK and account name is received, i will start the character transfer.

Isk Sent and sent mail where to transfer Toon

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ISK received, transfer started. Thank you!

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