WTS 36M SP Logi Pilot + Great Core Skills

WTS 36M SP logistics pilot. Excellent core skills to transition to HAC or other ship classes. Includes set of +5 implants.



  • 1 bonus remap available
  • All +5 implants
  • No industrial / corporate skills
  • Positive wallet
  • Positive security status
  • No kill rights
  • Clean corporate history
  • Located in high-sec NPC station

Buyout: 25B

  • All CCP rules apply
  • I’ll pay transfer fee
  • ISK goes to this character

User not found link

I have opened the post for you.

22 bil offer

23 bil offer

23.5 bil

24.5 bil

25 bil

26 bil

offer retracted. I am going to wait until the higher costs to play kick in and lots of toons show up on the market.

back to 22 bil offer

Buyout lowered to 25B. Otherwise will extract and sell SP myself.

Current Skill Extractor buy order is 379. and LSI sell order is 698.
You have 31m extractable SP, it gives you 62 LSI
So, if extracting SP, you’ll get 20 bil. There is way to increase it 23 bil max.
Also, it’ll require time to buy and sell.

24 bil offer, isk ready.

Offer accepted. Let me know once you’ve sent the ISK and account info and I’ll initiate the transfer.

Isk and account info send to Tuvo Asagar

Confirming receipt and initiating transfer momentarily. Enjoy.

Transfer completed, thanks for deal