[SOLD] WTS 7mil SP Gal Toon


  • Positive Wallet balance
  • 1x +1 implant
  • mapped for perception/memory
  • has 2x remaps available
  • No kill rights
  • No JC’s
  • Located in Minmatar High Sec
  • In NPC corp

haven’t used character in years and would rather see him be used

Looking for 5.75bil b/o

5.75 b/o

yes 5.75 b/o, were you interested in that?

Yes I’ll be home in 3 hours and I’ll transfer the money

roger! evemail to cavvy13 the account you want transferred to!

Isk transferred messange of account information sent as well.

Email received from ccp about the start of the transfer. Ty.

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