Sold: WTS 80,749,802 SP Support

  • Perfect sub-capital Armor & Shield skills
  • Near Perfect Fleet Support skills (No Mining, Fleet Command IV)
  • Imperial Navy Command and Republic Fleet Command Mindlink clones
  • Great probe scanning
  • Flies all Command ships & Amarr & Minmatar T3’s

**Starting Bid: 60B
**Minimum bid increments: 1B
**70B Buy Out

All ISK goes to this character.
I will pay for a manual transfer.

61.5b offered

62 bil

sent ingame message

65.5b offer sent in game and accepted

sorry 67b

Accepted send isk and info

isk and account name sent

Transfer has been initiated, enjoy!

no email yet comfirming it

email comfirmed thank you very much

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