(SOLD) WTS 81m SP, Rorq/JF/Carrier/Supercarrier/Indy/Booster

selling Me, 81msp, skilled carrier/supercarrier pilot. Rorq, JF, and command ship pilot.
lots of extras like high scanning and hacking skills, PI skills etc.

Just moved to NPC corp. I pay transfer fee etc.

Make me an offer. not in a hurry to sell.

Thanks ISD for the reminder.

Positive ISK balance.
Positive Sec Status 2.4.
No Jump Clones.
Char Located in Jita 4-4

Received a 50b ingame offer.


55 B/O

If no one out bids Lodoss by the time i get home (in around 5.5 hrs) then ill accept his bid.

ok isk and account name sent! awaiting transfer

isk and account info recieved.
Transfer initiated. Please confirm at your convinience.