WTS 88 M Skill Point Rorq/Carrier/ jf

Holly Kleric
selling Me, 87msp, skilled carrier/supercarrier pilot. Rorq, JF, and command ship pilot.
lots of extras like high scanning and hacking skills, PI skills etc.

Just moved to NPC corp. I pay transfer fee etc.

Make me an offer. not in a hurry to sell.

Thanks ISD for the reminder.

Positive ISK balance.
Positive Sec Status 2.4.
No Jump Clones.
Char Located in Jita 4-4

55 B/O

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45 bil

Bump !!

46 billions

Thank you for your bids but this char was bought and paid for by me some time ago with less Skill Point at 55b do not sell for less than this price thank you that the auction continues

Bump !!

bump !!

the first who reaches 55 b the char is his

46.5 bil also you need to be in npc corp before making this sale post

receipt offer online char sold thanks to all

52b offer