[Sold] WTS 87m SP Hel/Nyx/Revelation Capital toon


Total Skillpoints: 85,268,274
Unallocated Skillpoints: 2,028,500
Total Skillpoints: 87,296,774

Minmatar Carrier 5
Gallente Carrier 5
Fighters 5
Fighters Hangar Management 5
Amarr Dread 5
Tactical Weapon Recon 5
Capital Beam and Pulse spec 4
Armored, Information, Shield, Skirmish Command
Mining Foreman 5
Can fly Freighter and DST

Just 1 Amarr Titan skillbook away from being able to fly the Avatar.

259 Owned Skins where one is the Hel Chainbreaker.
Located in Jita 4-4
Current Implants +5
A Jita Jumpclone
1 Bonus Remap available
No kill rights
Positive Wallet
5 Sec Status

Starting bid at 82b
Buy out 90b

65B isk ready

70B ISK ready

82 Bil ISK ready

I was about to cancel the sale since the starting bid wasn’t reached and just extract myself.

I’ll make a buy out of 85b only for today with the extractor sales.

85bil Buyout

Accepted, send ISK to this char and evemail to where it should be sent to.

ISK sent and in-game email sent with account to transfer to

Both received, character is on its way!

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