[Sold] WTS 9.1m SP Production/Research/PI Toon

I am for sale

Gallente Industrial Level 5
Science, Production Base skill Level 5
PI skill Level 4
Cybernetics Level 5 and +5 implants(Int/Mem)
No waste skills

Positive ISK Balance
Located in Jita 4-4
All CCP rules apply

8B Start
9B B/O

As discussed in game, I am buying Tegan Jordan for 8 Bil ISK. Account name to transfer to sent in game. Thanks for waiting on me :slight_smile:

Accepted. please send ISK and your account info. i’ll transfer immediately.

Character Transfer Initiated
Thank you!

Character received, thanks again for waiting through the various delays in getting her transferred. Appreciate your patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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