[SOLD] WTS 9.1mil SP good alt: cyno, planet management, trade + bonus. 8 Bil

a) Cyno: amarr frigate 5 + cynosural field theory 5 + electronic upgrades 5 + CPU Management 5 + cloaking 3 + covert ops 3 + astrometrics 4
b) Planet Management: All 5
c) Trade: All 4, getting to trade 5 in a couple days
d) Bonus: Amarr Industrial 4 + all agility/speed/capacitor skills 4 + some other skills on the way to amarr freighter.
Total of 9, 1 mil skill points and counting.
No negative standings anywhere: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ama_Bridge
B/O: 8 bil
DISCOUNT these weekends only (05/26-27): 7.5bil

eveboard dont work anymore, use eveskillboard.com instead.

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Ok, fixed

I’ll buy for 7.5 b/O

TheBank Manager, Accepted. Please, send the ISK and I’ll pay for the transfer right away.

isk and info send

Transfer: Receipt 26 May 2018 14:30. 10 hours from now, basically.
Thanks for trade!

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