[SOLD] WTS 9.5m SP Porpoise Pilot

Nevicare Yuki Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

NPC Corp
Positive Wallet balance
No Kill rights
2 Clones in Jita VI - Paragon Fulfillment Center

Industrial Command Ships V
Industrial Reconfiguration V
Mining Director V
Cybernetics V

Starting Bid: 7.5b

8b payout if accepted today.

Accept. Please send isk and account info to Nevicare Yuki in game.

The time is very late here. I will check your mail tomorrow morning. Thank you for your offer.

If still awake, I will send in a few moments

Isk sent to your character Nevicare Yuki in game. Eve mail sent with account to transfer to.



Isk received and transfer initiated. Thank you.

I will confirm when the transfer is completed.

Transfer completed

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