[SOLD]WTS 9,83 m sp Miner

WTS Caterpillar Vu’lkani
Starting bid 7b

Bidibi Bodibi Bump

7.5 bill and ready to go

7.75 first and final bid.

necocat Meow Xanthi White
thanks for your offert but ill wait a bit more

Bidibi Bodibi Bump

8 bill b/o

Narha Cesaille
deal !!!

Bidibi Bodibi Bump Narha Cesaille not answering so still for sale :slight_smile:

i still want, just waiting on a transfer now

ok ill start the trasf as soon as i recive isk

Bidibi Bodibi Bump 24 h and ill start too look for someone else :slight_smile:

CCP is dragging their feet with the transfer go ahead and sell, sorry they are being jerks

you have 24h that i wont even try to sell it after that you can still buy it but if someone gives me 8 b ill accept

@Caterpillar_Vu_lkani 8B here! I can send ISK now.

ok as soon as i see isk ill start the transfer

ISK recive char sent to Hazard-H42

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