WTS Partial Complete Ark Pilot

(Frosty Finch) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Frosty_Finch pw: 123
B/O 9b

(Isaac Galang) #2

6B offer.

(Frosty Finch) #3


(Frosty Finch) #4

Would you do 6.5?

(Isaac Galang) #5

Not yet, stretched my isk a bit thin but I may be able to piece it together later today

(Therabbit Issier) #6

i can do 6.5

(Isaac Galang) #7

Ah crap this is what I get for being noncommittal.

(Frosty Finch) #8

Sold. Will initiate transfer once funds are received.

(Therabbit Issier) #9

Mail w/ account info and isk sent

(Frosty Finch) #10

Awesome, will initiate transfer as soon as I am home from work.

(Frosty Finch) #11

Transfer Initiated, thanks for doing business

(system) #12

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