WTS/PC 101 mil SP MIsson Runner Alt :P

(Xantish) #1


Past High Sec Alt

7 Jump Clones mixed between High, Low and null sec
9.33 Fed navy/9.25 Republic Security Services Standings
5x Lvl 4 Research Agents (if thats still a thing :P)
Minnie JF Pilot
Marauders 5
Easily trained into a Rorqual
Check the link for the rest

Start Bid: 70 Bil
Buyout: None

Runs Until 1/17

Contact Moridin Bashere or Xantish ingame

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #2

75B offer

(Xantish) #3

Thank for the offer we will see how it goes.


(Vulgus Carovigra) #4

76 bil

(Enoch Vicor) #5


(Xantish) #6

Thanks for the bids. Bump for the day

(Xantish) #7

And a bump for the day :smiley:

(Xantish) #9

Thanks for the Bid and bump for the day.

BTW ISK from this sale will go towards PvP shenanigans on my main :explodyparrot:

(Xantish) #10

Le Bump for the day.

4 days left

(Xantish) #11

And a bump only a few more days left

(Xantish) #12

Daily Bump

1 more day left

(Xantish) #13

One more hour left

Anymore bids?

(Xantish) #14

Looks like you won as vulgus withdrew his bid ill contact you ingame

(Sulley) #15

Is the trade still open?

(Sulley) #16


(Xantish) #17

As I have had no word from Enoch Vicor I’ll accept this bid

I’ll be home from work 12 hours for now and convo you to setup the transfer

(Sulley) #18


(Xantish) #19

Well no response from anyone yet so still an open auction

I’ll keep it going until tomorrow

(Vulgus Carovigra) #20

ill do the 80b

(Vulgus Carovigra) #21

how will transfer be conducted