WTS/PC 101 mil SP MIsson Runner Alt :P


Past High Sec Alt

7 Jump Clones mixed between High, Low and null sec
9.33 Fed navy/9.25 Republic Security Services Standings
5x Lvl 4 Research Agents (if thats still a thing :P)
Minnie JF Pilot
Marauders 5
Easily trained into a Rorqual
Check the link for the rest

Start Bid: 70 Bil
Buyout: None

Runs Until 1/17

Contact Moridin Bashere or Xantish ingame

75B offer

Thank for the offer we will see how it goes.


76 bil


Thanks for the bids. Bump for the day

And a bump for the day :smiley:

Thanks for the Bid and bump for the day.

BTW ISK from this sale will go towards PvP shenanigans on my main :explodyparrot:

Le Bump for the day.

4 days left

And a bump only a few more days left

Daily Bump

1 more day left

One more hour left

Anymore bids?

Looks like you won as vulgus withdrew his bid ill contact you ingame

Is the trade still open?


As I have had no word from Enoch Vicor I’ll accept this bid

I’ll be home from work 12 hours for now and convo you to setup the transfer


Well no response from anyone yet so still an open auction

I’ll keep it going until tomorrow

ill do the 80b

how will transfer be conducted