SOLD Wts 92 million sp Nyx Moros Thanatos pilot

Character name: Honor Harigton
Born: 2009
Main shipping command skills:
Capital Ships IV
Gallente Carrier V
Gallente BS V
Gallente Dreadnought V
Industrial Command Ships V
Marauders IV

Character is in npc corp
No kill rights, no jump clones, no assets, nothing on the wallet
located in low sec currently

I am looking for a fast but fair deal.
Starting bid: 65b
BO: 75b

65bil offer

66B offer

67bill offer

68B offer

thanks for bidding, the auction ends today’s evening or tomorrow. 68b is current highest offer. BO is still 75 bil

i’ll do the 75b buyout if there are remaps available

here you go

any bonus remap left?

bonus no

deal, isk and account info sent via eve mail

The role has been sent.

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