WTS myself, born 2008 original owner!
Combat oriented, near perfect ratting Nyx or Thanatos, and potential Ninazu pilot, with excellent subcap skills as well!
Total number of SP is 37.57M

Character location is Jita

Positive standings, no kill rights, positive wallet, in NPC Corp.

Some of the highlights:

*Nyx Police Skin
*Level 5 Fighters and Level 4 Gallente Carrier skills with all T2 fighters useable
*Mainly Gallente Skilled
*Capable of Force Recon Cyno Arazu

Eve skillboard link:
Password: 5231

I will make the transfer using CC, not plex. Toon is parked in Jita 4-4. Currently now in a NPC Corp and positive wallet. His corp hasn’t updated to NPC yet =(

Has a standard +4 training set that’s all for implants. See all details on eveskillboard.

Bidding starts at 30B

B/O is set to 37B

what is his standings like? It’s hidden on the skill sheet

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I will open them now sir

Standdings should show now

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I’ll start you off with 30b :slight_smile:

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Alrighty bump got a first bid in 30B Ladies and gentlemen

37B B/O

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Sold to Ecplipse Magic pending ISK sent to this character will notify of transfer ASAP once isk is there

Sold to you transfer isk and please eve mail this toon once you’ve done so I will initiate the transfer; please include account name im x-ferring to in said mail

Already paid to Lord Piffington

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Character Transfer has been Intitated as of 24 Mar 2020 05:52 per the receipt to the account name recieved via eve mail thanks and enjoy!


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