[SOLD] WTS Avatar Pilot

WTS sell this Avatar Pilot once this toon has Doomsday skills to V, Titan to V, Weapon spec skills to IV etc.

-Note I’ve never sold a toon before so I’m learning all the in’s and outs as I go

1 - Wallet balance is 100M
2 - No current Kill rights
3 - No current Jump clones
4 - Currently located in Amamake Public Keepstar
5 - 813,000 Unallocated SP
6 - Training Pod (+4’s)

This toon also has the following Avatar skins.

32bil offer
edit: online now, pm’d


as per the rules send me the account in game you want the toon transferred too and the isk to this account and I will begin the transfer

Acc now in transfer state, best of luck with the new toon :slight_smile:

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