[SOLD]WTS 28M SP A para-Avatar pilot

This character was originally intended to train as an Avatar driver. All skill training is for this purpose.
Now,She is just a para-Avatar pilot. Note that she has not yet mastered the skills of Avatar.
But you only need to learn the skills of Avatar and she can fly and use doomsday weapons.
Yes, She is not perfect enough, but can help you to drive Avatar soon.

Basic Gunnery Skills 5
Basic Armor Skills 5
Basic ship skills are ready.

Please see here for details:Nuclear Powered Eve(Good name :stuck_out_tongue:)

-located in jita
-transfer ready
-no kill rights
-positive wallet balance
-0.0 sec status

Starting price: 20B
Buyout price: 24B

I recive ISK and pay transfer fee.
Lastly, I do not accept offers below the starting price.

2 4 5

18b offer


thank your bid,but at least 20b


19B offer

Retracted. I have reasons to believe @Pootie_Tangg is using this alt to raise prices for selling other characters. You know this is a breach of TOS right?

20B offer

Well,Offer accepted. Please send the isk and transfer details.

18B ready to send Isk

Retracted. i will offer 19B ready to send Isk

@Communist_Queen If you accept my bid I am ready to send ISK

@Pootie_Tangg send ISK & account name, accept offer

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

@Pootie_Tangg Isk Received. Transfer initiated

@Pootie_Tangg r u online?

What’s up?

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