SOLD. WTS Avatar, Rev,Fax, Rhea, Rorq ,Super Carrier toon 84.2m SP

WTS This Toon

Avatar, Rev,Fax, Rhea, Rorq ,Super Carrier, HAC + Logi toon 84m SP

located in low sec blackrise, can move it to HS if required
positive wallet
5.0 standings
1 clone +4 learning implants
2 remaps available

start the bidding at 80bn thank you for your time.

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65 billion

no thank you


Can your 76B offer be considered?

Yes starting at 76b is fine @Liu_General





OK 76B offer

ill take 79bn to close it now, will send character as soon as isk hits wallet with account name too.

I accept the offer of 79B. But I need 24 hours to prepare enough cash.

ok sale is closed pending payment


ISK and account information have been sent to your account.

I’ll start transfer as soon as I get home.

transfer started

Character Transfer Received

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