[SOLD] WTS C2 With C1 and Highsec Static

WTS This C2 Wormhole. Has a fueled astra and comes with all pocos provided. Jcode is J124526. Looking for 2 Billion ISK. Contact me ingame if you are interested. It is perfect for PI as you can see below.


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as I said in game, if done through a reputable 3rd party I’ll buy the wh, I wont however give you billions before I even know where the wh is at

So if you want to go through a 3rd party fine, if not then I urge caution to anyone thinking of buying.

I specifically asked you to look for a third party. While I was offline and unable to respond to you, you did so and mailed me. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to respond yet but apparently, since you want to make this public, which doesn’t make much sense to me, let’s do that. You sent me two third parties, of which Chribba was the only one I found reputable. If you can get in contact with Chribba, we can proceed. However, you cannot stop me from pursuing other potential buyers as well. At this point, you seem to be causing trouble because I wouldn’t give you the entrance for 200 million ISK.

I think Chribba retired from the game which is why I also linked Enorn which also looks reputable but beyond that I dont know anyone…

I have no issues with you selling to anyone. I was simply making my offer official on the forums with the stipulation that it would have to be done with a 3rd party, my 2 cents of wisdom of caution when buying is applicable to all of eve… don’t take it so personal… caution is always the best course when it comes to exchanges in eve

Also my initial offer of giving you 200m to see the wh that was for sale, then to transfer the structures in stages after that, with the risk always being on my end, is rescinded because you wanted an initial risk of 1 billion from me to even see the wormhole. This, combined with you being a brand new character screams SCAM… Now I’m sure you are not scamming anyone and you are completely on the level here but alas, EVE is a dangerous place so I’m sure you understand the requirement of a 3rd party now

So does anyone else know a good reputable 3rd party service since chribba retired from what I understand and enorn appears to not meet the standards of the seller?

Eve scout.

Yeah they are pretty reputable… what do you think Yanumano?

Sorry, hole has been sold.

Well, assuming this wasn’t a scam, which I still maintain everything about it was suspicious… including the timing of the sale after I suggest yet another 3rd party…

Assuming it was all on the level, congrats to the buyer they got a real good deal.

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