WTS or Rent C2 wormhole with HS and C3 static


This Wormhole is for sale. Has a clean Astrahus and a fit Thanatos.

You will need a Thanatos pilot to sit in it or put up a POS(or Fort) to store the Thanatos.

The wormhole is a C2 so great for players newer to the game or those looking for a more lax vibe. The hole has a C3 static so great for getting into 200m isk/hr ratting. Worried about not having access to k-space? Worry not it has a highsec static so you will always be connected to the known world!

We are willing to work with those interested in purchasing, we don’t want to lump and dump, we want to make sure that someone walks away happy with a dope new low class wormhole

Our Price
Carrier Fit : 3.1 B Evepraisal - Appraisal 13zbbx: 2 Billion Buy / 3.11 Billion Sell
Carrier 2.5 ish B Evepraisal - Appraisal 13zbci: 2.83 Billion Buy / 2.83 Billion Sell
Astra w/ core 1.26 B Evepraisal - Appraisal 13zbd8: 1.3 Billion Buy / 1.27 Billion Sell
Hole values at 1B
7.86 B estimated value
round to better number
minus 1 Bil discount
= 6.5 B for the whole package

Please contact us at Critical Effect Alliance Chat for further information.

Smaller corp only looking to rent? Sure why not we are open to new things

Can ya share the j sig

The code is J125956

stop by the discord if you are a serious inquiry!

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