[SOLD] WTS C3:HS - Indie/Cap Focused Hole

Wormhole and Assets have been sold.

Contact me in game please, I’m interested! Jayb2 here:)

Sending soon 25 bil to the owner as agreed in game:)

Pending Sale to Divinus Kado- Will update upon receipt of the isk.

Divinus are u interested in allying yourself with a wormhole Corp with multiple holding?

We can talk later about that @Prince_Julian_Margrave, but yes, it is something we take in consideration.

Contacting u in game

Interested in purchase and alliance

We’d also be interested in such an alliance*

I can contact u in game

I tried contacting you. Just hit me up later

25 bil sent, waiting for transfer:)

Isk Received. - Will begin to transfer structures momentarily.

Structures Transfered- Along with POCOs.

Thank you!

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