WTS: *Dropped Price* C4 Cat Var (C1/C5 statics) + Astra/Ath/Rait/POCOs

Move-in ready!

Experienced seller.

Fitted and fueled Astrahus, Athanor, and Raitaru, plus all POCOs. Rollers included.

Cataclysmic Variable for increased defense.
C1 provides safe k-space mobility through low-traffic systems.
C5 offers krabbing and huffing for great isk.

10 bil obo.

Very clean bathrooms.

Beautiful view of the blue star and cataclysm.

Lower price (don’t make me unanchor pls)!

Last bump.

Still selling? Asking for a friend :smiley:

From their wording it seems they decided to unanchor. If you are in general interested in wormholes I am selling one as well .

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