[SOLD] WTS Civilian Amarr Shuttle Blueprint 350m


Rare colletor’s item
The special ‘Civilian’ editions of the faction shuttles were in the past distributed to players exclusively through one of the Industry career agent missions. In the misson, new players were asked to use a one-run shuttle BPC to build a shuttle, which would be consumed upon completion of the mission.

Because CCP did not want players to buy the shuttle off the market, they made special “Civilian” editions, which were available exclusively through the one-run BPC provided by the mission agent. However CCP has since changed the system, so these blueprints are now very rare items that have sold for as much as 700 million ISK ( see https://eve-search.com/thread/428565-1 ).

I am selling one for only 350 million ISK.

Still available!

Still available!

I’ll take the bpc pls

It’s on contract in Jita. Thank you!

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