SOLD WTS Exhumer ORCA DST Svipul 14.4 Svipul, Impel, Orca xhumer. Many books injected. Was training to Loki (already cruiser V), the name look rare but check syres in game and you see is easy find him.

Other highlihts :

  • minmatar cruiser V
  • Many books injected as marauder, black ops, etc. aprox 400m
  • +5 currents implants
  • cybernetic V

Is in high sec, no kill rights positive wallet, all ccp rules apply, transfer is in credit card.

If interested answer here, not readinbg evemail i enter in a minute to confirm.

Offer reasonable and i sell.

I am for sale.

Today BUMP

I see the character extractor value is 7.5, i have 8.5b

Its ok if u extract 1million SP from Minmatar CRUISER V and i pay 8.5b for 13.5m SP ?

Isk in hand.

For me is ok if i can transfer in the night (other priorities now than seek extractors and go perimeter )

Isk and account sent, transfer when you can, or tomorrow if is better for u.

Transfer Done.

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