SOLD WTS Female CYno 5 / prospect/ cheeta / covops 8.2m

minmatar frigate IV
mining frigate v
cheetah / hound

one hour to endurance / prospect
five hours to cyno V
many books.

She is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet.

4.5b b/o because she have 6 extractors = 1.8b


I am for sale at 4.5

4b offer

any capital books learnt?

no capital oks. Sent the isk and acount name, offer of 4b accepted

if it falls through, i can do 4bill aswell :smiley:

if you sent the 4b, i sell to you, need free the slot =) connect now.

send to this character?

Yes answer the thread when do so, and i begin the transfer.

in game mail sent

email in game answered

isk and account name sent

transfer done, please update the thread when you receive the real woreld ccp mail.


CCP mail received, the transfer has begun :slight_smile:


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OMG !!!

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