(SOLD) WTS Fleet booster pilot 56m SP perfect fleet boosts

Hello I am for sale

skillboard link:


All command ships 5
All t3 cruisers 5
Fleet Command 5 etc
Plus many supporting skills

1024000 unallocated skill points

Including mindlinks: Republic Fleet, Fed Navy and Mining Foreman

Pilot and all its jumpclones located in lowsec 1 or 2 jumps out of hisec

Positive wallet
Positive sec status
No killrights
I will pay transfer fee.

Price: 45b

Contact only via forum please.

Price reduced to 45b, and daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

daily bump


40b and we have a deal, this offer is valid next 24h

37.5 and i will send right now

no deal, 40b is absolute minimum for me, sorry

sending isk and account details now

ok will start transfer within 30 minutes after isk arrived

40bil isk sent to Xander Ricks
account details sent though mail in game

Transfer is in progress

Fly Safe and GL o7

ty sir

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