[SOLD] WTS Focused Golem Pilot (perfect torp skills) 20.7M SP


12b b/o offer

14 bill b/o

15b offer

Bump. looking for some higher offers.

Still selling this great addition to your crabhole!

17 b offer

bump, if you were to inject this character right now it would cost you 30b+, think of all the money you could save by buying him from me instead!

18 Bill

Still looking for a new home for drake! Look at him he’s such a cutie!

bumpinki, still selling looking for the right offer

bump lets get some offers

19 bil

20b offer

we’re starting to get warmer folks, still keep in mind that injecting this acct, with practically no wasted skills assuming you get the 1m referral sp, would cost you 38 skill injectors or 35B!

Well then… people would just inject a fresh character themselves and not buy yours.

Im not asking for 35b lmao

well thats good to know, since no b/o is stated. best of luck!