[SOLD] WTS Fugan Ugly --- ***Rattlesnake Pilot***


  • 5M skill points, most core skills level 4 or better
  • neutral standings everywhere - never undocked
  • located in hi-sec
  • no implants or clones
  • zero ISK

Buyout 4.5bil

4.5 b/o, isk ready now

Ok, he’s yours. Send me your account information and I’ll transfer as soon as I receive payment.

4.8 bil
If you are online, we can complete the transaction now.

Isk and account info sent (from my alt: Jin Jemai)

Could not complete transfer, apparently you have another transfer in progress, please advise

Ah, didn’t realize I couldn’t do two at a time. The other one should be done later this afternoon, I can post again when it’s complete. Keep the isk and I’ll let you know when you can start the transfer.

Sound good?

That should work fine

Should be good to go now, thanks.

Thanks, transfer completed. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

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