(SOLD) WTS – Gallente Drone Boat Pilot - ORE T1 Miner - 13.3M Skill Points


Never sold before, this pilot has:

Positive Wallet
Positive Status (.09)
No Killrights
No Wants
No Clones
Located in Jita

Birth - 3/8/2017
Unallocated SP - 500,000
Remaps - 3 available
“Standard” implants 1-5

Drones – 5
Drone Avionics – 5
Drone Durability – 5
Drone Interfacing – 5
Drone Navigation – 5
Drone Sharpshooting – 5
Light/Medium/Heavy Drone Operation – 5
Engineering – Most @ 5
Astrology – 5
Mining – 5
Social – 5
Gallente Frigate - 5

Starting Bid 12b, buyout 20b

I pay the transfer fee.

8b offer

Thanks for looking, looking for a bit more.

9.5b b/o?

retracted for now, (probably) found something more suited to me

Sarsia, your bid is accepted. If you’d like to transfer the ISK to Arianna, I will get the transfer process started shortly thereafter and confirm/follow-up with you.

I’ll offer 10b if still available

Character is still available. If you like, just wire the ISK to Arianna, and just let me know where to transfer the character to and I’ll follow up with confirmation, and any other relevant information.

Isk and account info sent

Hello, I just wanted to confirm with you that the account transfer process has begun. Here’s a screenshot from the Eve Transfer site shown below. Thank you!

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