SOLD WTS Ganker 5m nice name

Hi, main sale …

I am for sale. 3.5, pilot interceptor, ganker style and if omega can use a mining barge to check possible targets.

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

i can pay you 3b, but need make a space in my account before.

i clean the space i need for receive your character, please confirm and i send the isk now.

I agree with the sale for 3b. Is my first sale, please be patient when i figure the steps to make it happen.

Isk and acc name sent

You need to do these steps :

1 ) clean the contents of you character
2 ) Transfer the isk to other character of yours
3 ) Pause the skill queue
4 ) logoff
5 ) enter to
6 ) in the first option of the menu services, you slect the chaarcter to transfer and pay in credit card.

Note: IF u want transfer paying in plex, need get 1000 plex, and raise a ticket in the same module than the api creation, asking to bve tramsferred.

Fly safe


Anybody have problems today with the mails of transfers ? i dont teceive mail for one transfer ( itiniti ) and one receiver …

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