SOLD - WTS Golem/Trig and Locator Char (38,5Mio SP)

Golem Marauder
Falcon Cyno (Cyno IV)
Triglavian Frigate V/Destroyer V/Cruiser V/Battlecruiser V/Battleship IV
Precursor Weapons Small V/ Medium V/ Large V
Disintegrator Spec. Small IV/ Medium IV/ Large IV

Magic14 11/14 Capacitor Systems Operation IV/ Warp Drive Operation IV / Navigation IV

Ministry of War 5.93
Caldari Navy 5.93

=> Locator IV

38.596.970 SP; located near Jita

Start bid: 28Mio / BuyOut: 40Mio

If interessted, pn me ingame or here please

20 b offer

30B B/O

still available

31B offer.

auction will end wednesday, 12.jan 22 23:00 ET
the highest bidder is awarded the contract at the end
(all bids will be considered, even those per mail)

auction ends in 6 hours

Auction ended

Shuhrat ‘Fuze’ Kessikbay you won - pls send me your data ingame (same character name) so i can start transfer!

Thanks to all

If he doesn’t reply, can I buy this role at the same price? I’m very interested.

I will do it by today ET 14:00 once I arrive home.

Great, thanks!

ISK and account info are sent to your toon.

Transfer done!

Thanks a lot and have fun with him!!!

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