Selling Mission Runner Golem/Vargur/Tengu 41M+ SP

I am looking to sell myself, here is the link to my Eve Board

I have 41M+ SP with 256,000 unallocated.

Multiple sets of missile implants.
Currently mapped for Perception and Willpower, with Remap available now.

Can run level 4 missions for many factions.

All CCP rules will apply.
Positive sec status.
Positive wallet.
No Kill rights.
In NPC Corp
Docked in Jita 4-4
I will cover transfer fee and you will send ISK to me.

Can run Golem and Vargur marauders with T2 fittings, excellent missile and projectile skills across the board. Many skills at level 5 check the board for more details.

Buyout will be 40B.


30 bil buyout offer

31 bil

How much is the price to sell?

40 bil

I will accept your 40B offer. Transfer the 40B to me and send in game mail with the account information and I will start transfer within the hour.


So it was joke bid? My offer is 32 bil.

32.5 b

33 bil

Zotreg is current high bidder at 33B. I am hoping to get this concluded by 1/22 at 10PM CST (about 30 hours from now) before I head out on a business trip.


Since there has been little action on a sale I am going to hold off closing the auction until I return later this week from my trip unless I get a buyout before I leave. Auction will go until 1/26.



Tee_Jay is top bidder at 35B.

Auction closing in less than 48 hours.

12 hours to go. Tee-Jay top bidder.

4 Hours till close bump.

Did I win?

You did, please send ISK and account name via ingame email and I will begin transfer.

Sorry for the delay, got caught up in some work stuff.

Isk and acc name sent,

You have chosen to transfer the character Boirdj to the account named XXXXXXXX

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thanks Tee-Jay

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