SOLD WTS - Hel / Nyx / JF Pilot

42 mil SP
Minmatar Carrier V
Gallente Carrier IV
Amarr Carrier I

Drone support skills V
Fighters V
Light / Heavy Fighters IV

Skills worth 30 bil to rip, would cost 78 bil to inject this toon.

Starting Bid 31 Bil

B/O 40 bil

Bump up

To the top

35b ok?

35 bil accepted, send me in game and isk and we can work out the transfer. Will need to log in and transfer assets before transfer.

ok Transaction begins

Isk will be able to check in tomorrow, and continue tomorrow, ok?

Yes tomorrow is fine.

All right. Tomorrow’s deal.

Start trading in two hours

Ok send in game mail with account to transfer too and isk.

ok ok

ISK and mail have been sent,account number:ludi2016

Transfer started to ludi2016.

Character Name: Dizzy Anderson

Will be completed after: 10/8/2019 11:51:23 PM

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