WTS Nyx/Aeon/Hel with boosts 43m sp. Sale ends on the 20th

Selling Nyx/Aeon/Hel pilot 43m sp
All bazaar rules apply (no kill rights, npc corp, positive wallet, in highsec, ect)
250,000 free sp
1 Remap available now

Skill Highlights:
Fighters V
Fighter Hanger Management V
Fighter support skills, all V
Armor, Information, Skirmish boosts all V
Fleet Command IV
Cybernetics V
Gallente, Ammar, Minmatar Carrier IV

Editing in a minimum bid: 40b 45 b/o

28 bil.

28 not even close. At least offer something close to what I could get if I extracted and sold skill goo.



to the top!

33 bil , isk rdy

33b is not what I had in mind for this character. Thanks for the offer though.

It would either take 22 months or 70b worth of injectors to get to 43m sp, and if I extract and sell the goo, I’d get about 40b. I get that its sellers buyers market, but I am really not interested in selling for less than 40b since I can just extract and sell.

edit: sellers to buyers market

Sale ends the 20th.

You’d get 28 -30 from extracting. 34 bil offer from me

Thanks for the offer. Almost to the minimum bid!

I’d like to point out that 36b is how much its costs to plex an account to train 22 months. And it takes 22 months to train to 43m sp, or 70b in injectors. Buying a 43m sp character for less than it costs to create the skill points (let alone the other costs) is an amazing deal for the buyer, amazing! Not so much for the seller.

I don’t think I’m asking too much at 40b minimum bid.

Leadership skills are pretty popular since they are such a weird remap, but I would consider extracting the leadership skills and then selling for 34b. Leadership skills don’t help ticks all that much, just fleets, but I’d guess the market for ratting supers is bigger.

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I got 34.

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