[SOLD] WTS HS Focused Strip Miner (Perfect Hulk)


Romantic Hate - 9.1m SP

2,005,073 Unallocated SP

1 Remap
Positive Wallet
NPC Corporation
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
All CCP rules apply
0.00 Security Status

Currently in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

I will pay transfer fee.

Open to offers.

*Edit: I am looking for 12b, and was offered 7b. If anyone is willing to split the difference and meet in the middle, its yours. Thank you all for looking.

You missed April Fools by a few days. Nice joke otherwise.

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Whats the issue? I spent 4-6 months training this in 2010. I seen a similar WTB thread for a high sec strip miner. This character has the ability to do that and 2m unallocated SP to fill in any gaps.

pure injection on new alt is 13,6B (1m sp refferal)
injection if u inlude referral and start 5m sp gap is 5,1b
Extraction profit is below 3b
so 20b or even 10b is by far too high
4,5b offer

6.5b offer

I see. Thank you for the valuation. Much appreciated!

For that, I would probably just keep it.

13.6b is pretty much the equivalent of the 4-6 months that it took me to train it.
I’m hoping to find a buyer that intends on using it for what it is, not buying to extract SP from it.

I would take 12b for it.

it has 0 T1 - T2 crystals skills too it would need a bit more training to be perfect, 6.6b offer

7b for the toon

Yeah, quite a few things changed since I rolled this toon in 2010. I think the 2m unallocated can get most, if not all of the T2 crystals.

Nothing to say to my 7b offer?

No, other than I appreciate the offer. You can retract it.

I think you know that you are asking to much… i can cook a new toon (with a name i pick) with a clean history for what you are asking. best of luck.

I haven’t played since 2010 really, so I don’t know a whole lot. You’re giving me more credit than I deserve. All I know is what it’s worth to me. I have a number in my head, it’s not 7b. Thank you.

this should be renamed to Price checking

Not really. There was just a post made within the last month for 20b, for the same skills. I initially went into this based off of that post.

Also you said you dropped 6 months into this toon in 2010 … you do know that Plex was 350m a month back then meaning that you dropped 2.1b maybe less into this toon.

I paid money, not plex. $15 * 6 = $90

$90/$20 that it is today, is 4 and some change. 4x2.5b going rate for plex is 10b. That’s where I’m at…plus I have to pay $20 for the transfer.

At that point, I can just pay 60 more bucks and get 10b worth of plex. I might as well keep the character.

CCP requires you to pay the transfer, and if you want to talk about dropping 90 dollars 14 yeas ago i mean a ROTH IRA or 401k or even a SMP 500 would have been a better investment then eve online friend. this toon can’t mine ICE, GAS, or even really use Strips the 20b comparison you found could do all of the listed things. Can’t fly prospect or any expedition frigs. like i said best of luck. I retract my offer.

It was a WTB post. It’s fine, you don’t want to pay more than 7b, I understand. No problem - you don’t have to be sore about it, lol.

It wasn’t done as an investment. I don’t need a talk from you about investment vehicles. I’m doing just fine in that department.

We don’t need to banter back and forth. Thank you for your offer, but no thank you.

if you have the skills listed then i would be happy to pay FAR more then your asking friend. but my offer is what it is worth at it’s current build. Bump for the sale.