[SOLD] WTS HS Focused Strip Miner (Perfect Hulk)

Also, just one last thing - this comment was a bit misleading. Prior to your post I did say I was looking for 12b, so I kind of have an idea of where I want to be.

Sure, I’m still open to best offers. If anyone gets close to it, I will let them have the character, but 7b isnt even in the ballpark.

I’m starting to understand that people are looking to purchase to try to profit off of it by extracting SP. The game has changed quite a bit, since the days where people had to actually sub and wait for skills, not just buy them.

I’m fine with the changes - it’s just all new to me. I haven’t played in over a decade. I’m just trying to get back into the game and sub my pvp alpha, with a little bit of scratch in my pocket to play around with. I don’t need a mining toon. Mining is the reason I stopped playing. It’s boring as ■■■■. I don’t want to come home from work to work again.

i can understand your position, i would have added your toon to my mining fleet.

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Appreciate it. Sorry we couldn’t work something out. At this point, I was looking for 12b and the highest offer was 7b. If someone is willing to split the difference and meet in the middle, I will let it go. Sad for me, but it is what it is.

7.2 bil, you contradict yourself, you said you dont want to mine anymore but still keeping the toon :slight_smile: offer and bump

8b offer

I appreciate the offer. I’m at 9.5b, its the lowest I will go. Thank you very much for your offer, though.

Yeah, I don’t want to mine for sure, but I do want to use the money to sub and fund an inactive PVP account. So I want what I feel is fair. I’m at 9.5b and its gone. Thank you.

if you wont sell for market price it wont fund anything :slight_smile: 8b is more than generous offer i bought my miners cheaper than that, anyway gl

Still interested at 8?


Nope i changed my mind wont buy any hulk pilots after all

Good luck

I’m ready to buy for 8

Okay, Sold. Im ready now. Send the isk to Romantic Hate and your account info and I will start the transfer, Thank you.

Sorry, I thought replied above, but I just posted. See the above post. Thanks

Did I understand correctly that it will not be me who is the buyer, but another player?

No, its you, I want to sell to you. Send the isk to Romantic Hate and your account info and I will start the transfer, Thank you.

Sold to Vesen Nolen.

isk sent

Received. Can you send me your account name that you want this character sent to please. You can use in-game mail to Romantic Hate. Let me know when

Transfer Started. Thanks again .o7