[SOLD] WTS hulk mackinaw freighter JF character. 15M SP

WTA Mining / hauling character




can fly exhumers with exhumer 5, icemining 5
bloackade runners haulers
freighters, jump freighter (nomad)
strip miner t2s
mercoxit skills
low grade nomads make the freighter better

Wallet will be 0
no kill rights
low grade nomads
located in Jita 4-4

Price - first offer to make it worth paying a transfer fee > not extracting the character…and selling the LSI.
I will run for the week if doesn’t exceed what id get from extracting ill close post and milk her dry

runs until Friday 19th.

I bid 10b, would put you roughly 1.5b above buying extractors and selling the injectors

ok accepted

Isk and details sent.

Thanks received transfer started

Received, thank you!