[SOLD] WTS Hydra

Bump for the hidden robot


You sir, make me want to buy this. Thank you for bringing happiness to my day!


Bump, look at her eye


Bump, the Wild Hunt invaded New Eden, totally lookalikes by the way

Bump, did you find the tree frog ?

i see you are running out of ideas haha

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What else can you find? 125B

140B gl

141 bil

Thank you for your offers, looking for more atm.
(the quality might lower, but I cannot run out of ideas)

145 B ill

Thanks for the offer

146 bil

Thank you, still looking for higher

Bump illuminati confirmed


Bump, time for a Did you know ?

The Hydra from EvE Online gets it’s proximity from the mythical creature in the fact that the more it shoots (and the more it “loses” ammo), the more damage there is. This theory has been judged valid by me and myself only, considered as erroneous by intellectuals, as no other Triglavian ship bears this name.

See you next time for a picture of a Hydra with several Hydra heads.

Bump, as promised, the Hydra hydra:


To the top (low effort bump this time) !

Thank you for the generous offer, still looking above this for now.


Ok I should probably not post it here, but I’m too proud of this one