SOLD WTS JF ark / stiletto Interceptor with extras 12m 780k free

Hi, i need sell this pilot today or tomorrow to free the slot. He have 780k free points to use.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

  • Amarr freighter & JF (Providence and Ark)

  • Ore freighter

  • Stiletto (minmatar ceptor with T2 weapons )

  • Wolf (assault frigate minmatar with t2 weapons)

  • Orca (can sit in, was used for hauling duties)

  • Good JF stats

  • cybernetic V with two +5

He can be used as minmatar frigate or destroyer pilot, good weapons too.

if interested answer here, i am not reading mail. Go to do last minutes purchases but seeing the thread at least at two hours intervals

Interested in Ark

Is chractr baaar, and an ARK pilot.

what is your offer ?

Your not selling just the Ark?

um nooo … you are seeing PILOT character bazaar.

The pilot can be sometimes more expensive that the ark, but this is a normal entranace JF with interceptor.

daily bump

4b offer if you need it gone now

5B b/o

Thanks guys but the price of the extraction is 4.5 aprox, the books are 500m, then 5b is not enough because not consider the base character 5m or the impnats

6.2b is reasonable and at the same time low price.

6b b/o retracted

Acpted, send teisk and account name and i transfer in two hours or less, i am not in my house now

Please answer when isk sent

5b b/o

Today bump

6.2b B/O

Asi say in my alt, sold, sent theisk and acc name and i ntransfer.

ISK & Account info sent.

Thank you

Transfer done, please confimr you receive the CCP normal mail (yes, i need go to the seven eleven first to transfer ) =P

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