[SOLD] WTS Miner/JF Pilot 30Mil SP

Hi to All,
auctioning my alt Miner / JF toon born 2006 30Mil SP skills as follows:


  • 1 Jump Clones (Located in HS):

  • Full Set Improved (+5)

  • 3 Remaps

  • No Kill Rights

  • Positive Wallet

  • located in Jita

  • Toon is in NPC Corp

  • Security Status +2.2

Start bid: 15b
Bid Increment: 1b
BO: Make Offer
End: 11/27/22 22:00 Eve Time

15.6 bill

Bump for today!

offer retracted because of the character name, sry i just googled it :slight_smile:

Bump for today!
Action end tomorrow 11/27/22 22:00 Eve Time

16b :slight_smile:


Konstantinos Fasilis You won the action :muscle:!!
Send me isk and account information I start the transfer process now.

Isk and account details sent!

Isk and account information received.
I start the character transfer now.


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