[SOLD] WTS Minmatar Freighter/JF, Minmatar&Gallente BR/DST - 52m SP

Starting bid 49 bil. ISK


Wallet balance: 1 million ISK
No kill rights
3 Jump clones, all in Hi-Sec systems, reachable via Hi-Sec routes
Character located in Hi-Sec, docked in station.
11 Ship Skins, notable: two Intaki Syndicate (for Occator and Viator)

Bumpster to float the biomass back to the top.

Bump, still looking for buyers.

45 bil

46 bil

Bump, still for sale.

Bump, still available.

47 bil

Bumperino, price tag still on me.

47.5 bil


Bump, still looking for the buyer.

Bump, still looking for that magic number of 49.

Bumperino, JF pilot looking for a new home.

Offer of 48 bil. from @Santiago_Winga_Wingeyer has been accepted, as agreed via EVE mail.

Awaiting ISK transfer and account name.

Isk and account name sent

@Santiago_Winga_Wingeyer thank you for the payment, character transfer has started to the account you provided. Will complete after 7/9/2019 1:48:33 AM.

Please post in this thread after it’s completed.

character received,thx

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