SOLD - WTS Moros/Apostle Pilot

Golodnaya Shlyukha (skillboard.evie)

Nearly 50 Million Skill points;
Currently Mastery Skill IV (almost Mastery V), in both Moros and Apostle,

Skin : Pod; Permenant Zakura Hansei

Docked; High Sec Amarr space (Emrayur)

Wallet balance: 0 isk
No kill rights
Jump clones available.

Auction Style Reserve:

  • Starting Bid; 25 Billion

  • Highest bid held for 36 hours without another Bid

  • Buyout: 50 Billion ISK

26 bil

27 bil

28 Bil

29 B here

Winning Bid: 29 Billion please make payment as soon as you are able and then I will begin the transfer. Please send in game message with the account name you wish me to transfer too.

Please check the remittance.

Character Transfer Initiated to nominated account @ 9:35 pm
Saturday, 20 August 2022

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